Wednesday, 16 August 2017

How to make French toast

French toast is a very easy recipe to do. These are all the ingredients you will need to make the French toast.

  • 12 or more eggs
  • A whole bag of slice Bread
  • A pinch of salt / Pepper
  • Oil for the pan
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Wooden spoon / fork
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cooking pan

before getting started you will need to wash your hands

Step 1. - First you will need to crack open your 12 eggs into the center of the bowl. When your eggs is in your bowl you will now mix it all up with a fork until it becomes a very gooey form. Next you will have to pour in one cup of milk into your eggs and stir until your eggs and milk are completely combined.

Step 2. - Now add in a few pinches of salt and pepper, and mix up those two seasoning in with your egg mixture.

Step 3. -  Get your cooking pan nice and hot, add in 2 tablespoons of oil.

Step 4. - Choose someone to give out the slice bread to each person in your group. Once you think your cooking pan is hot enough pick 4 people to come and put their piece of bread in one by one in the egg mixture and soak the bread up with egg.

Step 4. - Now wait until the French toast is golden brown on one side and again on the other side. If each side is golden brown you will now repeat the same step again with the others.

Step 5. - once you have your French toast nice and hot you can choose weather to sprinkle on some salt or pepper.

Your French toast is now ready to eat so dive in and enjoy.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Factor Patterns

In Maths I have been working on factor patterns. It felt like a challenge to me. Page one was trying to get factor numbers into a even number, which was cool. What I learnt while working with factor patterns was knowing how to correctly times your number to get your product. Also trying to make a pattern using odd numbers and multiplication.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Technology day

Today at technology i continue on with my wooden piano i have been working on for the past 4 weeks. I really enjoy creating a wooden piano out of wood. It makes me feel like a professional craftier. At times i may get slightly distracted but attempt to Carrie on with my work. 

Although i am pretty proud of my self for completing half of my piano.We had a lot of different types of materials to make amazing things out of wood. But some were pretty dangerous. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fire Hazard Poster

This is my Fire Hazard poster I have created in Mr Nath class.

Science Intensive with Mr Nath

Today in science intensive with Mr Nath, we had talk a lot about Fire, fire safety, fire hazards, creating a fire safety poster and also making a rap or song about fire safety. We first started the day of with fire and fire safety and fire hazards. We all had a group of peered up buddies and work on those three fire safety hazards. 

We all were given a share slide, and on that slide we had to put in our ideas abut the fire of hazard. Everyone was doing really well working on the fire of hazards. After a while or so we then stopped. Mr Nath had put up a big white paper on the board, so everyone can put up there ideas on that piece of paper. 

We then moved on to slide 2. This slide was very interesting for me and my buddy Shannon. Slide 2 was a slide witch had fire safety question. These question were very interesting too. Now my favourite one of all, the rap song. Me and my Shannon were working together to try get a wonderful, amazing rap song. 

We thought and thought about some brilliant cool words that will could include in our song. At first it was frustrated but then it started to get less frustrated. After taking some time writing the song, we then moved on to many more fun activity. 

It was really fun having to be in Mr Naths class room 10. We all enjoyed it and learned a lot about fire safety and fire hazards as well. 

Thank you Mr Nath. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Farewell Dinner

On Friday night my family and I went to gigi's down, near Manukau. This was a farewell dinner for one of our family member Chandra. On Saturday is his flight to Australia. The reason why hes going to Australia is because he has apply for a job over there. We all will truly miss him and may let out some tears at the Air port.

Anyways during the farewell dinner we all tried not to get as full to an explosion, we wanted to save just enough room for desert. Hot cakes, with six different ice cream choices, four different drizzles and all sorts of topping. Sounds like a delicious desert to me.

Everyone was full and tired. We then had restaurant service ( as i'll call them ) come in to collect our dirty food plates, and took all plates back to the kitchen. We all had a happy and enjoyable night tonight. 

Image result for nice restaurant

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Dawn breaks on Day #7 – the final day of your Great Kiwi Road Trip. You wake up early, ready to make the long trek back to Auckland. Along the way, Curious Kiwi stops at two beautiful places, Taupo and Rotorua, for you to get out and walk around.
Activity 1 -

  1. Report about rubbish being left or thrown on the grown a lot of times.
  2. Have rubbish bins where the most rubbish is.
  3. Put up security cameras.
  4. Having normal people watch someone that drops there rubbish, but that person doesn't know the other guy or girl is watching them.

Activity 2 -

I find taking a little nap helps me relax. Here's a picture of me sleeping.


Bonus activity -

Throughout my whole journey around different places, were really interesting and also fun at the same time. I learn a lot about different animals, different culture and also different natives. One of my favourite stops, was swimming with the sharks, and my less favourite one was one step at a time. The reason why, one step at a time was my less favourite was because, i was all alone in a strange forest and thought i will never find my group. I was really surprised reading a lot of information about possum and kea parrots as well. I really liked going on this journey with kiwi road  trip. I learned heaps about different types of things. That’s what’s really made me happy.